The Giant Clam – A Priceless Emblem of the Pacific (English version)

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Jean-Claude Gaertner, Nabila Gaertner-Mazouni

ISBN : 978-2-36734-427-0


Emblematic and mysterious, the giant clam has always inspired the curiosity of peoples ever since the first humans settled on the tropical shores of the Pacific and Indian oceans. A representation of the sacred or of power, but also, of course, a major food resource for many island communities, the giant clam is a token of influence in the culture of the peoples of the Pacific, a matrix for making tools, a currency! 

Apart from its beauty and its role in art or beliefs, which have inspired human beings over the centuries, this group of species now interests the world of science in many of its aspects, whether in biology, ecology or its place in society: the giant clam still has a wealth of surprises in store. It is well worth being brought under the spotlights. 

The aim of the present work is precisely to describe the specificities of this outstanding group of species, and the broad range of issues that must be taken into account to ensure its conservation. 

We hope that once you have come to the end of these pages, which celebrate the giant clam in all its aspects, you will be convinced, as we are, that it is indeed … « a priceless emblem of the Pacific! » 

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